Our Singapore Story

As you may have read on the shop home page, I'm Jayne and this is a little endeavor that has been growing in the back of my mind since Landon and I started our Southeast Asia adventure in February 2019. 

A little bit about us.. we met, in person, in May of 2018 after a guy that I had dated (and Landon knew from School), encouraged Landon to reach out. So after an initial Instagram DM, which led to a month or so of texting and many FaceTime calls (Landon's primary form of communication), Landon made the spontaneous trip to New York to see me.

At that time, I was living in New York and Landon in Palo Alto. I never thought long distance would be my thing, but it definitely worked out. After Landon's first cross-country trip to meet me, the rest really was history. We managed to see each other about every two weeks whether it was in New York, California, or somewhere in between and that was just the beginning of our adventures.

The same weekend Landon and I decided we wanted to get married, his boss called him with an offer to move to the LinkedIn office in Singapore! Needless to say, it expedited our marriage timeline and we planned a wedding in about 3 months. The crazier part (and the most exciting fact about us) is that we moved to Singapore literally the day after our wedding. Leaving our reception was definitely filled with both happy and sad tears as we said goodbye to our friends and family! 

Other than the suffocating heat, we love out "little red dot" Singapore and this adventure we are on! As we've traveled around the region, we have not only been wowed by the beauty of it all but the beauty (and cheap prices) of the goods they sell! Which is why I finally bit the bullet and am sharing them here, with you. 

Selection is limited, due to size of our suitcases and airline weight restrictions so if you like it, grab it while you can and stay tuned on our next adventure!